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  • World Tae Kwon Do Center has served the Palm Beach County since 1997.World Tae Kwon Do Center Lake Worth Palm Beach County

From the beginning, we have focused on developing the mind, body, and soul with our training. We aim to develop and condition them through safe training and wisdom. Martial Arts is well- known for enhancing concentration and the ability to focus. World Tae Kwon Do Center goes even further with the development of  with positive attitude and installing self confidence for enhancement of one’s true potential.

  • instructorsWorld Tae Kwon Do Center teaches the traditional martial art Tae Kwon Do.

Our instructors undergo constant training to insure that we are providing our students with the latest techniques in the field of martial arts. Our goal is to provide our students with the best training possible, and to help them eventually reach Black Belt excellence.  We also want our students to be motivated to become physically fit and mentally alert through martial arts.

  • Picture 198Master Gina Anacleto and her instructors have decades of experience.

We are one of the most respected Tae Kwon Do Schools in the nation. Our team has made Tae Kwon Do our profession and we are dedicated to helping you and your children achieve your martial art and fitness goals. Our instructors create the best possible instruction through strong self-discipline and set an example for themselves and to our students. We are motivated, patient, and have years of professional martial arts experience.

  • Tae Kwon Do is a century old martial art of self-defense.Tae Kwon Do "Hands" "Feet" "Do"

“Tae” means to kick using the feet as a weapon.  “Kwon” means to punch or to strike using the hands as a weapon.  “Do” refers to the “way to enlightenment.” Today Tae Kwon Do is the most widely-practiced martial art in the world, and it is the only martial art other than Judo to be an official Olympic sport.

  • Tae Kwon Do is more than just physical conditioning. Tae Kwon Do Palm Beach County

It is mental training and philosophical study as well.  Students of Tae Kwon Do develop an indomitable spirit that carries over into all aspects of their lives. Our teaching and training regimen is designed to increase student ‘s balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, improve endurance and overall health and fitness.

  • At World Tae Kwon Do Center sparring safety is emphasized. Sparring at World Tae Kwon Do

Students learn that victory comes with a calm, detached attitude, and by seizing the initiative, and controlling the situation.  All students involved in sparring sessions are required to wear protective gear to insure a safe and enjoyable experience. We also strictly enforce safety rules to prevent injuries and accidents that often occur in other sports.

  • How can Tae Kwon Do improve your life?41265_10150269160175693_3781670_n

Around the world, doctors, psychologists, counselors and teachers are recommending martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do to their patients, clients, and students. They know how effective Tae Kwon Do can be in improving the physical and mental health of people, and is gaining in popularity due to it’s mental benefits.

  • What types of  benefits does Tae Kwon Do provide?World Tae Kwon Do Center

You will learn self- discipline, self-control, self-defense, self-awareness, Improve self-esteem and self-confidence, learn respect, courage, improve focus and concentration. You will gain eye-hand coordination, agility, flexibility, balance, strength, that will benefit to other sports as well as improving endurance increasing muscle tone, lose weight, reduce stress, and improving overall health and fitness.

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