Please be advised that on the 7th, Saturday- Testing Day all classes are cancelled. Testing for invited students only. If you did not receive an invitation to test this time just simply because you need more time to practice on your testing materials. Every belt has different kicks, hand techniques, stances, kicking combinations, segments,  form/poom sae and breaking at your rank level. The more you get higher rank the more materials needs to cover and the harder it gets. Martial art is mental and physical development. The longer you train and the higher rank you get and the more degrees of difficulties of techniques as far as kicking combinations, speed , accuracy, coordination and so forth. If you are higher rank and still doing basic fundamental therefore we need to challenge and push ourselves more and the more we push our selves the more rewarding. The beauty about higher rank is the more knowledge and skill full you are. Martial art teaches self discipline, to practice and have persistence and with great perseverance. The more you practice the more you get better. Receiving higher rank in Mart Art is something you proud of that you earn because you have work hard for it. Not only in Martial Art but also in your school you have better grades because you study hard. Also life in general we must work hard to achieve great things. Martial art also teaches perseverance. When things gets tough we must persevere. The more time you practice your self confidence improve. Please don’t get discourage if you are not testing this time because we want you to get better and better that’s all. If you are not testing this time next time for sure you will. So, keep training and practicing. If you need more help let us know. Thank you! By: Master Gina

 Testing  Invitation and  Board Breaking 

Board Breaking during class – April 2nd  ,  3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.

 Testing April 7th , Saturday. Everyone must wear complete uniform on testing day (No  T– shirt )

 Little Dragons – 9:15 –10:30 am

 Children / Teens and Adults -  White, Yellow and Orange Belt 10:45 am– 12:00 PM

 Children / Teens and Adults – Green Belt and above 12:15 PM– 2:15 PM

All Green Belt and above must bring your sparring gear for testing. Failure to do so will mark your testing incomplete.

Belt Rank Graduation  April 13th, Friday at 6:00-7:00 PM

 Everyone must attend for our graduation day and watch our demo team performing.

 Demo team members please be at 5:00 PM for practice. Thank you

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